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FCCA Athletics & Physical Education

FCCA Athletics department offers students an opportunity to grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Our students will participate in games and activities that will strengthen their confidence and their understanding of organized play.

Partnering with the Parochial Athletic League, we provide an environment where students learn the meaning of teamwork and the value of sportsmanship.

 Goals and Objectives

  • Children will learn to be in their best physical shape so they can soldier for God physically and spiritually.
  • Children will become physically skilled on the playground.
  • Children will become emotionally healthy on the playground.
  • Children will develop basic physical and emotional skills that will carry over into various sports.
  • Children will learn to focus on process, not results.
  • Children will learn discipline, both physically and academically.
  • Children will learn the concept of collaboration when part of a team.


  • Practice with lead up games and practice matches that simulate real game scenarios.
  • Children will be required to demonstrate an understanding of good sportsmanship through the following:
    • Positive comments
    • Positive attitudes
    • Giving their all (110% effort)
    • Winning and losing with grace
  • Offering fun activities that reinforce basic principles of Physical Education
  • Teaching children rules of various games and introducing them to a variety of playground and sports equipment.


  • At the end of each unit there is a visual assessment to confirm understanding of basic rules and regulations as well as an improvement of the child’s skills.
  • Flyer Fitness: Testing physical abilities including endurance, strength, flexibility, and agility. Rewarding each child for their accomplishments during an end of the year ceremony.
  • Will conduct ongoing observations to ensure the child’s confidence and interest in physical activities is growing. Giving a lot of positive affirmation when progress is evident.

You will be provided a Physical Education (P.E.) commitment form. Please read it with your child, sign it, and return. List any health issues, (i.e. Asthma) or any restriction which may prevent your child from participation during P.E.

A sports page will be provided to you and your child for all students 4th thru 8th grade. This page provides information pertaining to sports offered and practice times.  I will be handing out sports packets to those interested during the first week of school. Cheerleading may be available this year. If offered, I will follow up with more information in the upcoming weeks.

I look forward to another exciting year with your child/ren. If you should ever have a question or you need to speak with me please feel free to email or call me.