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FCCA's Character Traits

There is nothing more urgent to our society or to other cultures around the world than the character development of your children.  First Church Christian Academy takes the idea of character development very seriously.  We provide a character education program centered on biblical traits clearly identified in the Word of God.  Chapel presentations, classroom lessons and other activities focus on the character traits.  During the last chapel of the month, a student from each class who has best demonstrated the character trait for that month is recognized as Student of the Month.  Parents are always invited to join us for chapel which is held each Wednesday at 8:30am.

Key Verse
Weekly Emphasis
1 Peter 2:17 Be Respectful Be Self-Controlled Be Attentive Be Responsible
Romans 12:12 Be Teachable Be Optimistic Be Self-Motivated Be Prayerful
1 Cor. 16:13 Be a Good Steward Be Gracious Be Industrious Be Courageous
Pslam 100:2 Be Discerning Be Joyful Be Kind to Others Be Accepting
Hebrews 12:28 Be Honest Be Thankful Be Integrous Be Considerate
Proverbs 15:30 Be Generous Be Cheerful Be Loyal to Others Be Sympathetic
2 Samuel 7:28 Be a Good Citizen Be Trustworthy Be Fair to Others Be Cooperative
Phil. 4:11 Be Appreciative Be Conscientious Be Content Be Gentle
Psalm 149:4 Be Humble Be a Good Listener Be at Peace