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 Kindergarten- 8th Grade Academy Tuition Rates


Friends and Family,
Many people including parents and teachers make financial sacrifices for a quality Christian Education.  Our commitment to your family is to understand the delicate balance that exist between providing the finest Christian education possible for your children, providing for our faculty, and at the same time be sensitive to the cost.
In His Service,
Linda Miller
FCCA Administrator

Tuition Rates for 2015-2016

Grade Annual Tuition 10 Month Payments 12 Month Payments
Kindergarten (Full Day) $4260 $426 $355.00
1st Grade- 5th Grade $4260 $426 $355.00
Jr. High (6th-8th Grade) $4680 $468 $390.00
Additional payment options are available.
Application Fee:

A one-time, non-refundable application fee of $50.00 per student application.  This fee is due at the time of submitting your application.  This fee is only applied to new student applicants.

Registration & Book Fee:

A $295 non-refundable registration and book fee is due upon enrollment for new students. FCCA does offer discounted re-enrollment incentives for early registration once re-enrollment registration has begun.

Multiple Child Discount:

Parents with more than one child enrolled at FCCA will receive a 10% discount on the youngest child's base tuition rate.

Before & After School Care:

Before & After School care is available on a monthly plan of $275 or Hourly/Drop In basis of $4.50/hr.  Registration required for the monthly plan.

School Lunches:

FCCA offers school lunches each day to purchase with prepaid lunch cards.  Lunch cards are available in the school office.  Lunches are $3.50 per lunch.

Activity & Class Fee

This fee split into two payments at the beginning of each semester.  These activity fees will pay for field trips, class t-shirt, yearbook, and special classroom supplies and activities.  Please note that classroom teachers will explain the field trips at the Annual Back to School Night.  You have the option of paying for this fee up front with registration or in the two installments at the beginning of each semester.

Kindergarten Activity Fee $40.00 due August 1st & November 1st
1st Grade Activity Fee $40.00 due August 1st & November 1st
2nd Grade Activity Fee $50.00 due August 1st & November 1st
3rd Grade Activity Fee $65 due August 1st & November 1st
4th Grade Activity Fee $130 due August 1st & November 1st
5th Grade Activity Fee $187.50 due August 1st & November 1st
Middle School Activity Fee $175 due August 1st & November 1st

*Activity fees are subject to change if a field trip cost increases mid year.